Allergy Testing

Blood testing for allergies is an FDA-Approved method that has been a trusted standard of practice since the 1970’s.Blood tests for allergies are often called the best kept secret in medicine, because a large part of the population doesn’t even know that it’s available. Clinical research, medical journal reviews, FDA approval, and years of active and reliable use have all demonstrated their validity.

When you consider the high number of common allergens – in categories like Seasonal, Pet, Chemical, Food, and more – it’s not surprising that more than 40 million Americans suffer from allergic disease. Combine allergies with asthma like much of the medical community does, and you’ve got more than 60 million people who are affected nationwide.

Those who allow their moderate or severe allergies to go untreated can experience great discomfort and long-term degradation of health which may include development of asthma. They will probably spend a small fortune trying to treat their symptoms (rather than the cause), only to end up taking medications / pharmaceuticals that don’t address the real problem, and even end up negatively affecting their health in other ways.