Our Story

There are many laboratories around the country our clients can choose from for their Toxicology, Blood, and Pharmacogenomics needs however there is only one Acculab Texas. We take pride in our story and why we are who we are.

A few years ago a group of friends who work in different industries but all share the same passion and values as entrepreneurs got together with the mission of creating a high complexity lab that would be boutique, offering high quality products with a one-on-one service mentality. Each partner brings a different level of experience in a variety of areas including commercial real-estate, philanthropy, restaurants, marketing, advertising, and hospital and healthcare business development. We partnered directly with some key physicians and a respected medical billing company to create the solid foundation we have today.

The company was originally formed to offer strictly toxicology services to our clients however we quickly expanded into much more once we learned how we could continue to assist our physician clients in other areas of their practices.

With our first conception being that of a Toxicology Lab, we truly felt we would be offering a service that would help and protect the patient from potentially life threatening situations and improve patient care by providing the necessary information for the physician to make the most informed decision on what and when prescription controlled substances should be made available safely to their patients.

Once we learned more about the world of blood testing and the lack of high quality advanced blood test panels available to physicians using traditional labs, we decided to provide these services to our clients as well.

Physicians who partner with us now have access to some of the most advanced blood panels, toxicology panels, pharmacogenomics panels (DNA), and Allergy panels in the country allowing our physicians to provide a higher quality of healthcare to their patients then if they used the traditional laboratories that most physicians still send to today.

We believe that when physicians are using the advanced testing services we offer, they are implementing a much higher standard of care than is currently seen around the country and protecting and possibly saving the lives of the patients they care for.